Mobile entertainment platform NARR8 launches on Facebook

Russian Startup Launches All-in-One Mobile App Analytics Platform

NARR8 Brings Interactive Motion Books to Facebook

devtodev Allows Developers to Track Analytics of Their iPhone Apps

Geek Mom: Comic Book Corner

Cartoon app seeks to entertain passengers’ eyeballs in-flight

Game Insight Invites Mobile Users To Visit Sunshine Bay

NARR8 Shrinks Its Digital Comics And Books Onto The iPhone’s Screen

Comic Creation App NARR8 Has Introduced an iPhone App

Fear and Loathing in the Mobile Entertainment Industry

Big Business Deluxe Released on iPhone

NARR8 Leverages HTML5 to Bring Interactive Comics to Windows Mobile Devices

NARR8 brings its interactive ebook and motion comics platform the iPhone

NARR8, the interactive kick that books need?

7 Superheroic Companies that are Kicking Ass in Digital Comics

Meet the Zookeepers

What is CollectiveZOO?

Most Inventive Nightlife Concept: CollectiveZOO’s Pool Party Safari

**Additional articles available upon request**


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